10 Creative Christmas Party Themes

Christmas is a festival that fill joy, love and happiness in the hearts of the mankind. All of us really love this celebration which comes just once a year and everyone love to have a great time with the loved ones. As you know, Christmas occurs on 25th of every December and no one likes to stay dull at all during this month. Like every year, this year too Christmas is fast approaching. With just a few weeks ahead of the great festival we want to help you with some creative ideas to fill this season with utmost joy and happiness. We will help you with some great ideas that can be used till the end of the season which will help you have lots of memories until next Christmas. So what are you waiting for, check out our fantastic ideas for celebrating Christmas in a memorable way.

1. Knit the Stuff
Crafting is an amazing idea if you want to sit closer to your friends and keep talking about the good memories and plans for the future while crafting the specials for the Christmas. All you need is some material to work and craft with and start working to build some creative stuff like candles, decorative stuff for Christmas Tree etc. You can make this work and the best part this stuff is awesome to create.

2. Party Night with Music
This is everyone’s favorite. Is it not? Get some rocking party songs played on your music system energizing the mood of everyone on the floor. All you need is a player and some selective songs which everybody loves. Also the same could also be used by the family members for a small event like playing a soothing music and having some lovely time with the family.

3. Share your story
Sometimes one may feel that partying hard around the loud music seems boring all the time. We have been doing it all the time, but how many times have we shared a story with our closest ones. A story you experienced in life, starting from success story to an unforgettable incident, the first visit to a lovely place to the first happy moments anything could be told. This is really a fantastic theme to go with and relax your brains if you really trapped something in your head for long. This is your time.

4. Harry Potter Theme
We all loved the series of Harry Potter and we would love to live in that world for quite a time. You can make that real. Invite your dear ones and start creating Harry Potter themed Tee shirts, Socks, pajamas etc. This could be really exciting, adding to this stuff decorate your rooms with some Harry potter’s house labels. You can offer a wand to all the visitors and don’t forget to give kids some.

5. Letters to Santa
This is a good move to teach your kids some helping nature and love the mankind. Ask your kids to write some letters to the North Pole signing off as Santa. Take these letters and go to a house who could not celebrate Christmas. Light Up their lives with love and celebrate the Christmas with them giving them hope that everything will be alright soon.

6. Potluck the cocktails
This is everyone’s favorite. Ask your friends to bring in their favorite cocktails and lay a bar at your home. Ask you friends you prepare the best cocktails they can and this will definitely elevate the moods of the visitors. And the best part, everybody gets to know a new drink after all.

7. Mom and me
Ask your friends to welcome their moms to the party and prepare their favorite food and drink. Decorate the house with Stockings and show them how much you love them and care for them. If you haven’t showered your love on them. This is the best time.

8. Dancing till the Sun wakes
Plan a night with some music which keeps you tap your feet all night like you are still the youth. Bring in all your age and energy and dance like you never did. Get some band to play around and dance like you are the only one around. Play some dance games and laugh out loud at those craze dance moves by your loved ones.

9. Night at the Campfire
Unlike all the open campfire, lit a campfire inside the house and prepare some good chocolate drinks with caramel, marshmallows and tell some ghost stories obviously the comic ones or the scariest ones if you are a very good story teller. Only rule is everyone should be telling that story and it last for a particular time at least to make the story more fascinating and allowing the teller to share the story more and more interesting to hear.

10. Call for a Girl’s Day in
Want to spend all day trying out the best in town beauty hacks, spas and lot more at one place. Then this is your chance host an event at your home and invite all the girls you like to spend time with and boast yourself with the best makeup and enjoy the times with the beautiful ladies. Reward yourselves with Massages, spas, steams, manicures, nail arts, funky hairstyles, relaxing pedicures, awesome tattoos and lot more. Wake Up Ladies, it’s your day!

Finally all we have to say it’s a one time once a year show, We want all of you to have a Christmas with complete love and Affection. Spill you joy and happiness like you never did. Forget all the sad days and things happened all the year. Forget all the heart throbbing issues which made you sick and tired of being taken away from lively things. Love yourself and spread the love and joy to all the ones closer to you. Make some new friends out there, the world is so big. Ultimately make this Christmas the best Christmas ever in your life.

Healthcare2day wishes all the fellas a Merry Christmas and hope all your wishes come true.

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