18 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Many women often feel this as a nightmare which keeps running until they reach their next period cycle that is approximately 28-35 days. This keeps them worried all the time if they are not prepared to get pregnant particularly. These were the worries from the past. And today we have over the counter pregnant test kits which are easily accessible to confirm if you are pregnant. But unfortunately these may not be useful and accurate all the time. So we have compiled 18 signs of pregnancy which could be of great help to you which help you get to a conclusion if you are surely pregnant and you can decide if its time for you to visit a Gynaecologist.

Lets get into the particulars of this and know what could be the potential signs of becoming pregnant.

18 Early Signs of Pregnancy

1) Breathing Shortness

If you are walking for a while or climbing stairs and you are not able to breathe properly, this could be a sign that you are pregnant. Why this happens? The growing foetus consumes lot of your oxygen and the result will be on you, leading shortness of Breath

2) Breasts becoming Sore

This is another sign of pregnancy. Woman who conceived have breasts which are swollen and tender to touch. They also feel heavy at times and veins on the breasts will be more clearly visible than regular. The areas around the nipples also appear darker than they were previously. Why this happens? As the woman conceived there will be major changes in the hormone levels of the lady due to which she feels lot of discomfort most of the time. As the months go she should be able to relax from this tenderness and pain and gradually she will be happier being a mother.

3) Fatigue

Woman who conceived become tired most of the time and this process continues until the trisemester and then it starts fading in the next one. This is another symptom of pregnancy. Why this occurs? This occurs simply due to the factor that the levels of progesterone increases in the woman’s body. Also including there are other factors which include low blood pressure, low blood sugar levels and increase in the production of blood. These all play their role in the tiredness that’s being occured in the women’s body. A women cannot become tired all the time and so to overcome this sort of tiredness one has to eat foods rich in protein and iron.

4) Spotting and Cramping

Within a week or 12 days after conception, the egg which is fertilized gets attached to the wall of the uterus which causes the early pregnancy symptom called as Spotting. Sometimes this kind of spotting is accompanied by implantation bleeding too, also cramps sometimes. These cramps are almost like menstrual cramps and usually women feel this as their normal mentrual cramps which actually are not. Luckily these aren’t much higher like the regular ones and most of the times women tend to see white discharge happening more as the Uterus wall becomes thicker simply because the growth of cells become faster. However this white discharge continues for a while and one doesn’t have to worry much and go for a treatment. By the way if the white discharge is accompanied with foul smell of any kind then that could be due to the infection usually called as Yeast Infection.

5) Missed Period

This symptom is a major and reliable sympton which is an immediate occurence and you can confirm in most of the cases that you are pregnant when you particularly miss the periods the following month. However not all missed periods can confirm pregnancy because a missed period can be occured with weight gain, stress and hormonal imbalances, exhaustion of birth control pills.

6) High Urination

Pregnancy causes women to urinate often. Usually, this is due to a mix of pregnancy hormones, a lot of blood in the system and the kidneys working harder than usual. This symptom shows up in week six or eight of the pregnancy. It is a fallout of hormonal levels, though it could also be due to diabetes, urinary tract infection or taking an overdose of diuretics.

7) Food cravings or dislike for other foods:

Pregnancy makes women crave for certain foods and dislike certain others, particularly if you go through nausea due to morning sickness in the early part of your pregnancy. Yet again, these symptoms are related to hormonal changes she undergoes.Often, the effect of these symptoms are so strong that what was once a favourite food can be something she detests now or her system cannot accept. However, the good news is that this symptom only continues till week 13 or 14 of the entire pregnancy. To overcome this feeling, pregnant women should eat a healthy diet.

8) Mood Swings

These are the most common symptoms in the woman’s body and is seen very normally and these are considered are the affect caused by the hormonal changes in the woman’s body.

9) Headaches

Headaches are backpain are the two things which a woman experiences if she has conceived. As the hormones adjust themselves to the body condition they body couldn’t cope up with the body and leaves pain to Head and spine. So we would say that if you are able to find such symptoms in your body then obviously you must be prepared to become a pregnant.

Knowing naturally if you are pregnant

1) One can know if they are really pregnant is using a Toothpaste. Use a Toothpaste and add your urine to it in the early hours of the day (Morning would be the perfect times). Leave it aside for a while and if you see that the toothpaste has changed its color to blue, it means that you are pregnant.

2) Vinegar and Tuna
Take on fourth cup of vinegar and one-fourth cup of tuna oil and add morning urine to it. if it turns green then you are pregnant and if it turns yellow, you ar not pregnant.

These are the signs, symptoms and how to’s of knowing the pregnancy.

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