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6 things to never discuss with pregnant women!

Women, in general, are creatures of mystery. But, behold! A pregnant woman is a hormonal and mysterious character at all times. It is their time to be incessant, unreasonable and insane. Why?

Because they are carrying a tiny little bundle of joy in their tummies! Yes, that is reason enough. This article is for all the new dads to be. Don’t want your wife to be mad at you? Follow a few of our cool mantras and never feel scared that your wife will stab you in the middle of the night.

6 things to never discuss with pregnant women!
6 things to never discuss with pregnant women!

Be assured! We have you covered!

1. Aren’t you getting fat?:

If you do not want your wife to face low self-esteem and have a gash on her psychological impact, then never pose the question on her weight. Pregnancy is a time of sheer joy, but with it comes the issue of gaining weight along with the added tension of losing weight. Be absolutely supportive when your wife starts putting on weight, tell her how beautiful she looks and what an amazing pregnancy glow she carries.

2. I am so ugly!:

With pregnancy there can be secondary health issues such as an outburst of acne, hormonal surges, mood swings, itching, chest burn and indigestion. It might make the new mom feel low and insecure. At that point questioning her own self worth is very common. Try to ease their fears and make them feel loved. Have an honest and frank pregnancy discussion.

3. Do you not love me anymore?

Questioning their own self worth along with a moody patch, can make a pregnant women discuss all sorts of crazy things. During pregnancy, all women lose cognitive thinking. It can lead them to think crazily and think that their husbands do not love them. They might pose these questions to you and its always better to assure them umpteen gifts and love.

4. Why are you sleeping all the time?

Sleeping can help the baby grow better. While growing a human in their body, the new moms can face a lot of challenge in the body. It can make them tired and keep them exhausted. Hence they might feel drowsy or sleepy most of the time. It may make them inactive. So, try not to question their sleeping pattern. Remember when they are sleeping, no one will trouble you to have honest pregnancy discussions or accuse you of hampering them physiologically.

5. Do you need to eat this right now?

Pregnancy can lead to really weird food cravings. It may be ice cream at mid night or pickle at 4am in the morning. Don’t question or enquire if the mom-to-be wants to eat this. Let them eat whatever they need until it is very unhealthy. Eating helps the tiny human being inside the mom grow happily.

No sex tonight!

During the second trimester, the pregnancy hormones might make the women feel very sexy and indulge in sex. But, that will soon fade away. As soon as the belly starts growing, it is a common fact that women feel very uncomfortable in their own body and do not understand the change their body is undergoing. It may lead to months of celibacy. Try to ease the new mom-to-be and make her feel special and loved. It will surely help her ease up and feel less unsecured. Compliment your pregnant wife constantly. It will make her feel adored and feel generous for sex. Never make the mistake of demanding sex during pregnancy.

With this new wave of knowledge, arm yourself and sail through the pregnancy without any difficulty. Be honest, loving and have pregnancy discussions. Try not to psychologically impact your wife’s mind with your redundant questions and you will be the best husband on earth.

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