What are the Benefits of Consuming Cucumbers?

Cucumbers are best known for their versatile nature that helps people consume them both in the form of fruits as well as vegetables. However, they are mainly consumed as vegetables in salads, sandwiches, pizzas, ramen (noodles), curries, and even pickles. Snacking on a cucumber during midday or early evening is the best way to keep yourself satiated and healthy! This vegetable is loaded with lots of water; which accounts for about 90% of its content, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, potassium, magnesium, flavonoids, dietary fibre, and molybdenum. Imagine all these essential nutrients nourishing your body at the same time! It is definitely going to boost your overall health! The ways in which cucumber helps improve your health are:

Improves digestion:

Cucumber contains a good quantity of dietary fibre, apart from vitamin K, flavonoids, and water, all of which help improve the process of digestion. Most importantly, fibre and folic acid help break down the complex foods into simpler form, which easily passes through the digestive tract. The tiny seed-like white particles inside cucumbers are loaded with vitamin C and roughage. These help digest other foods as well. Consume half a cucumber after every meal for improved digestion.

Controls weight:

As cucumbers help in digestion, they themselves take a longer time to digest and hence keeps you satiated for quite a long time. This characteristic of cucumber helps you feel fuller for a long time and hence prevents you from eating too much between meals. Apart from that, proper digestion naturally leads to a better maintenance of BMI in the long term. The best thing about cucumbers is that they are extremely low in calories, amounting to just about 16 units per medium sized cup!

Prevents constipation:

As this vegetable improves digestion, it simultaneously prevents constipation. Cucumber is rich in insoluble dietary fibre, water, and vitamins C and K. All of these ingredients help in breaking down of complex foods to a simple paste so that they can pass through the intestines smoothly. Water keeps your digestive tract hydrated, hence protecting your excretory system from abrasions due to hardened waste matter. Consume a bowl of cucumbers if you suffer from constipation, to attain the maximum possible benefits.

Prevents dehydration:

Cucumbers contain nearly 96% water! If you are somebody who need to be reminded to drink water too often, then resort to this vegetable to satiate your liquid mineral requirements! Cucumbers nourish your internal organs by hydrating them well, thereby preventing dehydration, especially during the summer. Snacking on one whole cucumber each day is enough to fulfil your dietary requirement of water.

Controls blood sugar:

A study mentioned in “Huffington Post” says that it is good to consume cucumbers for controlling diabetes. The study said that foods that are high in fibre, potassium, and magnesium are great for maintaining a healthy level of sugar in the blood. Insoluble fibre work towards the absorption of glucose and conversion of the same into energy. Eating one cucumber per day has been proven to reduce the levels of sugar in the blood by up to 23%.

Prevents kidney stones:

According to an article published by “Huffington Post”, cucumbers contain a very high concentration of vitamin K. This is essential in protecting your kidney from developing stones. One medium sized cup of this vegetable contains nearly 22% of your regular recommended dose of vitamin K. Consume cucumbers on a regular basis to protect your kidneys from damage caused by deposition of excess waste matter turning into stones.

Improves skin quality:

Cucumber is one of the most common ingredients used in rejuvenating skin masks, creams, and soaps. This is because this vegetable contains high amounts of vitamin C, fibre, magnesium, and water, all of which nourish your skin not only from the surface, but also from the cells beneath the outer layer. Consume at least half a medium sized cucumber, to help prevent dry skin and ailments like eczema, acne, or psoriasis by nearly half!

Prevents gastric complications:

Gastric health is something that automatically culminates from your overall health conditions. Cucumbers contain a good amount of minerals and alkali that regulate your body’s pH level. Hence preventing acidity. Even an amount as small as 50 grams of cucumbers after every meal helps digest food much better and controls resurgence of acid levels affecting the digestive tract and the walls of the stomach.

Cucumbers are easy to consume and tasty at the same time! The best factor is that they are cheap and easily available. You can always stir up a healthy salad or a sandwich using this vegetable, and be assured of the health benefits that’s in store for you!

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