What Are The Benefits of Consuming Dates?

Dates are one of the most dynamic fruits that are available in almost every part of the world. Originally this fruit was cultivated in the Middle East, and it is still one of the highest dates producing areas in the world. Dates can be used in an array of recipes like breakfast porridges, curries, traditional sweetmeats, puddings, and cakes. Eat a handful of dates regularly, for a boost in your overall immunity system. Dates are loaded with active nutrients like essential oils, vitamin A, vitamin K, folate, thiamine, riboflavin, and minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, copper, manganese, and magnesium.

The ways in which this fruit helps load you with nutrients to keep you healthy are:


Prevents constipation:

Dates contain a high concentration of dietary fibre, which helps in proper digestion and hence prevent constipation or piles. Experts in the field of nutrient testing have proven that dates are a ‘laxative food’. Apart from fibre, this fruit also contains good levels of zinc, iron, and folate, all of which help the undigested foods pass easily through the digestive tract. The essential oils present in dates act as a moisturising agent that prevents the stool from getting harder while being excreted. Eat a handful of overnight soaked dates in the morning for an improved daily bowel movement.

Improves bone health:

Dates contain a high concentration of calcium, which is essential to help in the prevention of bone density decay. Manganese, copper, and magnesium too are extremely helpful in boosting bone strength, especially among older people. Doctors say that eating a small bowl of this fruit on a daily basis can prevent osteoporosis by nearly 21%.

Protects your intestines:

Dates enable the growth of good and system-friendly bacteria inside your intestines, and prevent the growth of the bad ones. The soluble and insoluble dietary fibre content in dates boost the simplification of complex foods, so that they can easily pass through the tract. Vitamin K and copper also help in preservation of the good bacteria that enable the actions of the excretory system and prevent intestinal disorders. Eat a handful of dates soaked in milk daily, for best results!

Prevents anaemia:

The high level of iron and some other complex minerals in dates help prevent anaemia by improving the count of red blood cells in your body. This also reduces the level of fatigue caused due to excessive thinning of blood. Regular consumption of dry dates boosts your red blood cell count by nearly 17%! Most doctors in Europe recommend highly anaemic patients to eat dates daily.

Protects your heart:

Fibre is one of the core nutrients present in dates, which is essential for maintaining a healthy heart. This fruit has one of the highest concentrations of fibre, among all the widely available fruits. Dietary fibre, along with copper and magnesium; both of which are also present in dates, helps is reducing the harmful LDL cholesterol and improving the level of good cholesterols. Soak about 50 grams of dates in a bowl of water, and consume it every morning, in an empty stomach. This will protect your heart from blockades and other regular diseases by up to 23%.

Cures hangover:

If you’ve been feeling too hung-over, crawl up to the food cupboard and grab a handful of dates! The folate and manganese present in this fruit are said to have soothing properties, which help overcome a heavy hangover. For the best outcome, try to keep a bowl of dates soaked in water, before going out for drinks, so that you can consume them the next morning. Dates are the next best fruit to combat hangovers right after lemons.

Boosts your nervous system:

Both vitamins A and K, along with potassium, are essential for boosting the functioning of your central nervous system. All of these nutrients are present in high concentration, in dates. This fruit helps improve the speed of your brain’s cells and hence the rate at which your sensory nerves accept the related signals. This fruit is a wonderful source of nutrition for older people, patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and some other minor nervous disorders.

Prevents abdominal cancer:

Folate is very well known for protecting the abdomen, and also preventing the free radicals in the area from increasing in number. Dates contain a high level of this mineral along with iron and magnesium, both of which also help in prevention of the growth of carcinogenic content in the body. Eating dates regularly can help improve female abdominal and reproductive health. For best results, soak about 8 medium sized dates in warm water and consume the whole thing next morning. This will reduce the chances of abdominal cancer by 11%.

Dates are also an important fruit as they are used in numerous cultural observations and programmes, as they carry an ancient mark on them. Hence, the plus point is that this fruit is readily available in supermarkets across different countries in the world. Regular consumption of dates can lead to a lower risk of contracting numerous common diseases that do the rounds especially during changes in the seasons. Eat this fruit daily for breakfast, improve your defence system, and start your day on a sweet note!

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