Best Natural Remedies for Malaria

One of the deadliest diseases in the world consuming an average of at least five lakh lives. Primarily caused by the injection of Mosquito’s saliva containing microbial parasites into the human system by a mosquito’s bite, this deadly disease attacks the human liver. Once the microbial parasites reach the liver they multiply rapidly for up to ten to fifteen days causing damage to the immune system. After then only when we get to know the symptoms. Most of the malarial cases are found around the tropical areas or in other words the countries close the Equator as studies say that these regions are the best for the survival of these tiny beings. And the most affected continent for this disease as you might already knew is Africa. Believe it or not visitors before visiting the countries are forced to take anti-malarial medication to avoid spreading of this disease. Not only, that people are also forced to undergo many tests before entering their homeland so that their country will be safe from this deadly disease.

However the symptoms though not so easy to detect but this article will help you get through this. Normally the symptoms would be fever, fatigue and illness followed by series of vomitings, headaches and convulsions. When these occur the respiration will be affected and it leads to stress leading to low blood sugar levels, shock, spontaneous bleeding and eventually death. These are the occurrences coming basically from the virus named plasmodium falciparum. And all the other species of plasmodium lead to general illness which can be treated in a short span of time. As the disease evolved the medication too advanced which started saving lives from this disease. The drugs invented were of great results but they slowly became anti-resistant as the years pass by. There are cases saying that the drugs gave long and short term side effects which weren’t so easy to cope up. So many people started relying on the natural remedies for generations. These remedies have proved to have zero side effects and are efficient in curing the disease well.

Lets dive into these amazing natural remedies and know their benefits which help in fighting the harmful disease.


ginger-powder-benefitsGinger known for its anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties helps the human body regain its immune system speeding up the process of recovering from the infections very soon. This is very easy to find and can be made at home with ease. All you need to do is boil this Ginger in water and make some decoction and consuming it will surely help you recover from the illness. As the disease is prevalent in tropical areas luckily this natural remedy is very widely found in these areas.

Fever Nut:

medicinal-usage-of-fever-nut-561256561256This crazy nut which is abundantly available in India and the neighboring countries is known to reduce fever immediately helping the immune system to recover faster than normal. This has been in use since many years and because of its natural properties of curing fever it was named as Fever Nut.

Warm Water Enema:

Malaria is such a disease that never lets you sleep peacefully. This disease also irritates your bowels making you do frequent trips to the washroom. So to keep this condition at bay not allowing the parasites to rest in the bowels making the condition worse, warm water enema is an amazing treatment which involves drinking warm water which allows the body to treat the condition attacked by Malaria.


grapefruitEver Heard of Quinine which is responsible to neutralize the elements? There is similar compound present in this Grapefruit which neutralizes the malaria inducing parasites. This can be extracted from the fruits and get the essentials and adding them to the daily diet which helps in promoting overall health and boost the recovery process from the disease.

Avoiding Mosquitos:

Best thing to do is to completely avoid and not letting mosquitos reach you and bite you. Starting from the fundamentals using sprays which are completely against mosquitos, using net or mesh around your beds and windows so that you can have a good night’s sleep and particularly if you are living in the tropic areas. Last but not the least make sure that which ever place you are living never let water stand for long as that is the best place for mosquitos to lay their eggs.

Orange Juice:

orangejuicebenefits160808111802Rich in Vitamin C this wonderful fruit helps us to consume when we don’t feel like eating anything solid as the disease condition doesn’t let us eat much. Instead these kind of fruits help boost the immune system faster and once this process completes addition of foods will also help recover faster.

Holy Basil:

29-sacred-basil-avena_1As surprising as it seems, Eugenol the ingredient present in these leaves, is very good at fighting the bacterial infections. This wonderful plant helps in fighting and reducing the severity of Malaria. This plant has extraordinary properties which are used in many ayurvedic formulas which is widely used in Asian continent that mostly deal with the condition of Malaria.

Natural Diet:

This is a midway procedure which helps a lot in restoration process. Once you are done with the liquid diet which is quite enough to get back your immune system on track you might have to start eating foods which help your body to recover faster than the normal pace. This addition of natural fiber and vitamins continuously to the system will boost the system properties and free from illness letting you get back to the normal health condition. Addition of fruits, vegetables and nuts is the final phase to completely help the body to recover once for all.

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