BreastFeeding in Public-Right or Wrong

Whoa! Is this seriously an article speaking about breastfeeding? Women nursing their babies and is that even a question to doubt about. Who would accept or agree to the statement saying it is legal to breastfeed in public. How awkward that is!

This would be the reaction about the basic thing-Mother’s breastfeeding to their babies. You might just have to change that perception of yours as most of the countries say it’s legal to breastfeed in public. Yes, you heard it right. Mothers can nurse their babies right in the public when their baby needs it. Many countries have passed a legislation about this like Australia, European countries and some states in the United States of America. And to your surprise some countries don’t even think of this as an issue at all. Although the breastfeeding is public and is legal in many countries mothers are often criticized about the breastfeeding in public as people don’t have much of the social awareness and people still think that it should be limited to homes only and strictly not in public. We can also see that many companies also allow the breastfeeding but in a private room. Though there are many legal rights on this nursing women are still unaware of this and confine themselves to the houses and there are some who breastfeed in public and use their voice of rights only when obstructed by someone who doesn’t want the mother to feed the baby in public.If you are a mother now or going to be in the near future then this article would of great help to know what you should be doing when asked and what kind of situations to be avoided for breastfeeding in public. What are you waiting for! Go on and read this article.

Reasons why people are against breastfeeding in public
Research suggests that one third of the people say that breastfeeding in public is inappropriate and should not be allowed.

Here are the reasons why they think so.

Causes men to harass women

Many think that when men see women who breastfeed their babies pass comments on them which makes the women feel low and depressed and such sarcastic comments can’t be tolerated. So they suggest why get into trouble when you can comfortably feed your babies at home relaxed and peacefully. They also said this can avoid situations leading to an assault.

Awkward reactions while feeding the baby

Often when the baby sucks for the milk, they make some awkward sounds which most of the times make the neighbors uncomfortable and also lets the women very uncomfortable. Also, some parents said that their kids started asking questions about the situation and they were feeling anxious and started shooting awkward questions which can’t be answered to the kids.

Intimacy should be kept at home

Some felt that breastfeeding is a holy thing which keeps the mother and the baby intimate and the mother feels the warmth and heavenliness of being a mother and so many people suggested that this act should be confined to home itself allowing the mother and baby to see, think and form the bonding of love.

Could be illegal

some states have strictly not allowed breastfeeding in public. So make sure wherever places you are visiting you have to know the law, if it is acceptable to breastfeed in public and doesn’t make the other public uncomfortable. For your information all the states in the United States are allowed for breastfeeding except for South Dakota and Idaho.

Tips for breastfeeding in public

If you are a working women and you prefer breastfeeding in public, then follow these tips.

1) Don’t be revealing

Many women don’t know how much exposure is happening during the breastfeeding process. It’s not at all your fault in this. But you can’t be avoiding or neglecting this situation. So start practising this at home in front of your mirror. When you start this process in front of the mirror you get to know how much of your skin is getting exposed and you can adjust yourselves accordingly to the situations and this won’t be much of inconvenience to the public as well when you breastfeed your baby.

2) Don’t get into a fight

If there are someone who is obstructing your feeding or passing sarcastic comments on you, keep your adrenaline rush and pulse calm and never get into a fight. Once you get into a fight you are not jus risking your life but the life of an innocent baby as well. So keep calm and make sure that you ask or request them to leave you and your baby alone.

3) Dress Appropriately and comfortably

Always be yourself and keep your dressing comfortably wearing open dresses and breastfeeding bras which can make the feeding easy. Never wear a tank top as they reveal most of your body while you breastfeed, so wear something like a cardigan or an unbuttoned shirt.

4) Think about yourselves too Mother

Many mothers thinking about the needs of the baby often forget about their needs which are essential for both. So never forget to get some water or drinks whichever are comfortable to carry along with you as you have to keep yourselves hydrated all the time. After all taking care of your baby is as important as taking yours.

5) Stay Strong

Always don’t be inferior in your thoughts that you don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding your baby in public. Always remember that many women do this everyday and you don’t have to worry about this as you are not the only one doing this. Stay confident about this and you have to just follow the above said tips and no one on the planet can make your breastfeeding uncomfortable.


Lastly to all the mothers out there it’s your choice of feeding your baby in public or not you have to know your rights and there might be situations when you have to breastfeed in public and if you are not aware of the law then you might land up in trouble. Keeping these things in mind, always fight against those who bully you in public when you are with your baby.

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