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What are the clothes one can wear during a pregnancy?

In the old days, most pregnant women chose to wear their old clothing, and did not even consider buying maternity clothes. Concerning about their appearances was less, mostly because they tend to feel ‘out of shape’ during the pregnancy stage.

However, this is not the current case, where many pregnant women work, socialize and sometimes even travel internationally, and do need to stay both comfortable and attractive. Naturally, the proper clothing requirements of today’s expecting mothers are different.

What are the clothes one can wear during a pregnancy?

Maternity Clothing Styles:

It has become a popular trend to wear fine quality and well-designed clothes during pregnancy period. Most pregnant women today are no longer trying to hide or cover up their pregnancy. They flaunt it and are happy about the baby bumps. They celebrate it rather.

Here are some dos and don’ts for the new mother:

  • Choose light and comfortable clothes; do not wear extremely snug or figure-hugging outfits. It does not let you breathe properly.
  • You can choose traditional clothes that are tailored to your shape & style and is in your budget.
  • Wear clothes that provide support to your stomach. Stomach support is a must during your pregnancy.
  • Keep your garments simple and flaunt any dress that you like, but be confident about it.

One of the most important factors to keep in mind while choosing maternity or pregnancy dresses is the level of your comfort zone while you are wearing them. Your clothing should evolve as your body changes every week. Pick clothes that give you more of a breathing room – think zipped pants and skirts. Wear a long shirt to cover the zipped skirts or pants.

Maternity Wear which is affordable:

Often, women tend to be conscious about their looks during the various stages of their pregnancy, which is why it is recommended to spend on good-quality maternity wear. There are several options available both in retail stores and online shopping websites for all types of budgets. We suggest some of the following:-

  • Wrap tops during pregnancy are simple and cheapest things that can be easily adjusted as you expand.
  • Tunic tops too, are attractive, but make it a point to stick to fabrics that are soft, comfortable and breathable.

Try and wear natural fibres since they are the best. Choose light prints and avoid bold, big prints. For a loose and laid back feel, wear longer shirts with buttons.

Be Comfortable:

Fashion does play an important role when it comes to choosing clothes at the time of pregnancy, but keep in mind that you and your baby’s health comes first. Maternity pants at the waistline should be loose and elastic should not obstruct the baby’s movement or confine the blood flow to the stomach. The belly band, which holds up the unzipped jeans, skirts, pants, or low-slung jeans, should provide support around your waist.

Maternity Clothing for Professionals:

Pregnancy for regular professionals demands more care and comfortable dressing, without breaching the standard professional dress codes, for one’s entire pregnant phase. Here is a simple guide for you to dress up smoothly for office time:-

  • For first three months of pregnancy, you can stick to regular clothes.
  • For the later months, you may need maternity clothes that will be larger in size than your regular clothes.
  • Stick to subtle, complimentary shades of clothing and soft fabric that allows you to move around without being all uncomfortable and irritated.
  • Large shirts with buttons, slim fit pants and skirts should do the trick. You can also choose combinations of non-maternity tops and sweaters.

Always wear clothes which are comfortable for you and makes you happy and confident in any of the situation. Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy generally woman gives off more glow than never seen before. So stay calm and show your baby bump-love this period as this is going to be your lifetime experience.

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