Difference between Organic and Natural Food

Most of us think that natural and organic foods are one and the same but lack the knowledge of what exactly they mean. In this busy world many don’t spend time on knowing what comprises in organic and natural foods they consume. And mostly the belief takes us all over in choosing organic over the natural or synthesized foods. This article speaks about the very important differences between the organic foods and natural foods opening up your doubts and answers about these foods.

Firstly let’s understand the differences among these.

Organic Food: Organic food is something which doesn’t involve any of the chemical fertilizers or man made products usage from the beginning i.e., from sowing the seeds to reaching out the destination places precisely the users. So these are strictly followed or approved by the government authorities under certain acts. So the production, manufacturing and selling will be done using organic methods only

Natural Food: Natural food on the other hand are the foods which have no process involved in adding chemicals or synthesized in any form till the product reaches the end user. most of these are extracted from plants and animals and these should not necessarily be the organic foods. However some may be termed as organic but not every natural food is organic.

Now, that you have understood what are the basic differences between the organic and natural foods. Lets dig a little deeper on these and know the standards and terms defining these.

Organic Food: The food which has precise terms and conditions to be followed set by world health organization and other governments across the world.

Natural Food: The food which doesn’t necessarily have the terms and conditions from the government bodies and doesn’t involve any intervention in the producing, manufacturing and processing of the foods.


CategoryOrganic FoodsNatural Foods
Certification AgenciesChecked and approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)No predefined but the International Association of Natural Products Producers (IANPP) is fixing the terms and conditions to define the process involved and come under the natural foods category
Food LabelsShould be Legally approved before putting it in the markets and the seller or the producer shall be addressed in the court of law if they doesn’t follow the guidelines.No particular labels are maintained and the manufacturers use the labels on their will as there are no predefined guidelines for this.
Food DemandDemand for organic food is rapidly increasing and surprisingly this is available freely at almost all the places around the world and the demand for these foods is very high.Natural Foods are also bought in a higher volume but comparitively natural foods are not that much like the organic foods.
Health BenefitsAs you know people love to have organic food as there is a strong belief in the minds which strongly suggest humans to consume foods which are good for the health. However there are no proven theories which say that organic food have very good health benefits than all the other type of foods. Also, though there are some who say that yes, organic food is way better than the other ones but the facts are being manipulated due to political pressures. Natural foods are in place from many years and this simply has health benefits as they doesn’t include any processing of foods and basically doesn’t involve in causing any health implications.
Food PricePriced higher than any other foodPriced higher than the processed food
Shelf LifeLife of all the organic foods is really good and you can store these foods for long.Natural foods have a slight mix of preservatives and the natural foods which are rich in water content doesn’t have much of a shelf life.
AvailabilityAvailable at all the stores packed with a clear label saying “ORGANIC”.Available in all the stores too and there are many special stores selling these kind of products both Natural and Organic

This is a small and basic information that we like to share with all our readers which help you to make sure what kind of food that you are consuming and can share this with your family, friends and neighbors too making them aware of the differences between the Natural and Organic Foods.