How Does Dragon Fruit Help in Keeping You Healthy

Although not very well known in every part of the world, dragon fruit has won millions of hearts across the globe for its attractive appearance, taste, and health quotient. The most common colour combinations that dragon fruit possesses are red skin and white flesh with tiny black seeds.

This fruit generally has a mildly sweet and subtle taste. The seeds and the juiciness of dragon fruit mainly add to the its taste. This fruit can be eaten with breakfast porridges and fruit salads, or even as midday snacks. It is extremely satiating, which helps keep you filled with nutrients all day long!

Dragon fruit is very nutritious in its raw form. The major nutrients that the fruit contains are dietary fibre, carotene, vitamins B complexes and C, iron, calcium, and lots of antioxidants.

The ways in which dragon fruit helps keep you healthy overall are:

Aids digestion:

Dragon fruit is high in dietary fibre content, which makes it ideal for boosting the digestive system. The tiny black seeds in this fruit are extremely rich in iron and the flesh contains a high level of riboflavin, which helps in digestion by breaking down the complex foods into simpler forms and adding to the bulk, so that they can easily pass through the intestines. Consume about a small bowl of this fruit or a glass of this fruit’s juice to enable better digestion.

Detoxifies the body:

As this fruit helps in proper digestion, it also detoxifies the body by flushing out toxins through the digestive and excretory tract. Vitamin B complexes, especially thiamine, dietary fibre, and carotene, boost digestion and proper bowel movement, thereby helping your body dispose of all the harmful metals and toxic elements. If you consume about 100 grams of dragon fruit, it can work wonders on your body’s detoxification process.

Prevents cancer:

The high content of carotene in this fruit makes it one of the best foods to combat the growth of carcinogenic cells or free radicals in your body. Apart from this, vitamins B complexes are extremely effective in stopping the growth of the cancer cells and at the same time destroying the ones that are already present. Eat at least a quarter of a medium-sized dragon fruit along with your breakfast cereals for the best possible results.

Prevents anaemia:

The high concentration of iron and vitamin C in this fruit boosts the production of red blood cells (RBCs) in your body. This also improves the proper flow of blood throughout your circulatory system. Hence, it prevents anaemia and excessive loss of blood.

Controls blood sugar:

Medical research says that if you consume dragon fruit regularly, you will have a reduced chance of contracting type 2 diabetes. The vitamins B complexes, along with dietary fibre, help in preventing the rate of oxidative stress and aortic stiffness, which cause this type of blood sugar disease. For preventing a distortion in the level of sugar in your blood, you can drink a glass of dragon fruit juice or eat about half of it raw, on a regular basis.

Improves cardiovascular health:

The concentration of fibre in this fruit helps reduce the level of bad (LDL) cholesterols in your body, and improve the rate of growth of the good cholesterols. The best feature of dragon fruit is that it does not contain any unhealthy saturated fats! This fruit helps your heart function better, leading to a better pumping of blood and a reduced rate of stroke as well as heart attack.

Protects your eyes:

Ophthalmologists say that dragon fruit contains a good amount of carotene, which helps prevent macular degeneration and cataract development. Apart from that, it also boosts overall eye health by hindering the growth rate of human cytochrome P450, which is found in the liver, and is vital to the development of congenital glucoma. Eating a medium-sized bowl of dragon fruit to improve your ophthalmologic health by nearly 23%!

Improves the health of pregnant women:

Pregnancy is definitely a tie when you should be extra careful of your food intake, for proper growth of your baby. The high concentration of iron, vitamins, and fibre, apart from the various other healthy ingredients, helps you nourish your baby. The seeds of this fruit contain vitamin B complexes that are well known for promoting the growth of the embryo. When pregnant, include dragon fruit in your regular diet as it keeps your nourished and hydrated at all times.

Dragon fruit is one of the healthiest fruits that is widely available in South East Asia. The seeds in particular are the most nutritious part of this food. Given the general climatic condition of that geographical region, you can always stir up a dragon fruit smoothie on a hot summer day, to soothe your mind, body, and taste buds!

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