First trimester foods you must eat during pregnancy

during the first few weeks of pregnancy, it is quite tough to even understand the changes that occur in your body. Most women do not even realize they are pregnant until their first trimester is over.  Here’s what you need to expect as a new mother and how to eat healthy in the early weeks of your pregnancy.

Well if you are one of those period tracking women with a clear known cycle of ovulation, then you will know that you have conceived. For you, information freaks, welcome to the first trimester of your pregnancy. Welcome to the world of complete morning sickness, exhaustion and breast pain.

Here is a list of dietary and healthy foods which one must incorporate into your eating habits:



It is high in folic acid and is important as it helps in allowing your baby’ neural tube to properly fuse in the first trimester of the pregnancy.



Protein is available in abundance as it aids in the proper growth of the baby’s tissues and muscles. It acts as a good eating habit.

Citrus fruits:

citrus fruits

Fruits like orange and lemon aid in gaining a healthy and staple diet of vitamin C. It is high in folic acid which can help in preventing birth defects.



During the first trimester of a pregnancy, consciously make it a habit to eat a fistful of nuts. It can enhance the natural protein quota in the body.



Filled with healthy nutrients such as calcium and protein, Paneer is a very easy food type to be associated with. It can be easily infused with our dietary needs during the first trimester of the pregnancy.


A double whammy, eggs are protein based diet. They are high in calcium as well as vitamin D. Both of which are requisites for the baby to have stronger and fuller bones. With proper nutrition, the bones form perfectly and are strong as well.



A man-made vegetable, broccoli belongs to the home of vegetables which have natural variants like cabbage and cauliflower. They are surprisingly high in iron and can form the red blood cells very necessary during the first trimester.



They are high in iron and help in creation of red blood cells. This creates oxygen in your body for the baby. Try to consume non-oily chicken. Do not overcook or undercook the chicken. It spoils the taste.

Lean fish:

Lean fish

It is a great source of omega 3 and protein. Consume lean fish which is neither too undercooked nor overcooked. Cook it just right, or else the nutrition will go to waste. Consuming lean meat can create a very healthy atmosphere in the body for the baby.

With a few of these healthy foods, your first trimester will be a splendid journey for you and your baby. These eating habits will go a long way in creating a happier and safer pregnancy.

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