Foods to Promote Hair Growth

Everybody on the planet loves to have a healthy hair and think of this quite often whenever we feel like we are running short of hair. But very few actually think of why this actually happens. And I am not sure how many of these known people knew it is diet that can keep your hair healthy. There are plenty number of sources of food which help boost the hair health and also repair the damage caused already. Some of these include Sweet Potatoes, Oysters, Salmon, Avocados, Citrus fruits and many more.

Before getting into the detail of foods and diet let us first understand the characteristics of hair growth.

Usually, when we were young we didn’t know or think twice at least about hair fall or hair conditioning. All the time we felt that hair growth is annoying and we were literally thought that this hair grows and grows and grows making us visit the parlor very often for a haircut. But as we grow the stress levels we go through will also impact the hair condition and people suffer from partial baldness as the hair has to put up lot of strain and stress over the years. While reasons could be many starting from nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances to chemotherapy, pregnancy and so on. As some of the causes can’t be fully avoided, the best possible ways to fight this is to follow a diet which is good for your hair. As you know the structure of hair can’t be rightly known as it varies for each individual, we try to provide as much as information to treat the problem in this article. Now, let’s take a detailed look at the foods which help in hair growth.

Foods for Hair Growth

FLAX SEEDS: Usually when you neglect taking proper care of hair it is obvious that you are causing more damage to your hair. This makes your hair frizzy and becomes brittle and as you comb your hair breaks easily. This happens due to loss of natural oils in the scalp and oxidative stress. To counterfeit this problem Omega-3 Fatty acids are a great source and these acids are highly concentrated and are richly found in flax seeds. Flax seeds also help in improving the texture of the hair.

STRAWBERRIES: One thing that keeps the hair roots from damage is Collagen. On the surface of the head, a protective layer made of collagen helps in strength and durability of hair and also protects the scalp from pollutants, hardness of the external chemicals. When this weakens due to improper food intake which is necessary for the health of this protective layer. So, in order to improve the state of collagen, body needs antioxidants and citric acids. So foods which are rich in antioxidants and citric acids are Strawberries. Additionally you can also include blueberries and foods which are high in Vitamin C. These are excellent foods to stimulate growth of hair if you are already experiencing hair loss.

ALMONDS: Sun’s rays are also an important which is one of the damaging elements of nature. Though many take precautionary measures to avoid Sun’s rays most of them get affected one way or the other as this is mostly ignored or not much focussed. When your hair is affected by these rays new growth can’t be seen. Almonds are really a good source to curb this. Almonds containing high amounts of Vitamin E not only protects the skin and hair roots and follicles from damage. This magic nuts not only reduce the oxidative stress but also play an integral part in the production of Keratin which is an important substance in Hair strands, adding the beauty to the hair. Apart from Almonds other important sources may include Sunflower seeds and pine nuts.

Beans: There are plenty of sources around us which are really good in essentials our body requires and we barely notice them as we lock ourselves in the busy world afterall. Beans are on such source which are packed with high levels of Iron. Basically Iron plays a very important role in Blood circulation in the human body. Adding beans to your diet can help the oxygenated blood flow to the scalp stimulating the growth of hair. Adding this wonderful food to your diet can improve hair growth which ultimately prevents excessive hair loss.

Eggs: As you know protein plays an important part in the development of major organs and muscles in the body. Not only major parts, I would say it helps in hair health too. Eggs are rich source of Biotin which is water soluble and is a contributor to the hair health. Why not add Eggs to your morning diet and help the poor hair become stylish and healthy.

Oysters: I would say this a magic food. Wonder why? Oysters are very good source of Zinc. Even a few ounces of this can contribute a lot to the hair health. This awesome mineral takes very good care of Scalp. Studies say that even few ounces of this wonder mineral could provide a huge percentage of zinc required for a human body

Vegetables: If apple a day could keep Doctor away, Leafy vegetables every day could keep hair problems at bay. Yes, Leafy vegetables always have their place in every problem in the body. The same applies for the hair growth as well. The organic sulfur which is a major source of these leafy vegetables helps in development of Keratin. Make this a daily dosage to help the hair to fight against the external damage leading to hair loss.

Water: Last but not the least, Water. Human body is mostly comprised of water and is an essential part in maintaining the hydration. You might not know that twenty five percent of hair comprises of water and sadly hair is easily prone to dehydration i.e., loss of water. This is one of the major reasons why Hair weakens and loses its strength. Theories suggest that an ample amount of water which is 8-10 glasses should help in keep the hair healthy.