Furbaby and your baby- A bonding for life

Every parent love to raise their baby with someone who could become a lifetime friend who is honest, loving and completely attached to their baby. A furbaby could be a best choice to do so. Also this creates a bonding between the two and allows them to care about each other as they grow together. Also Parents see this as a best alternative to the human friends as babies as they won’t be staying all the time together like the furbaby. However the parents treat the furbabies too as their own kids except for the fact that furbaby has four legs and their baby only two.

So if you are planning to get a furbaby for your baby, be prepared and follow the following tips and steps to make both of these care for each other.

1) Socialize your furbaby
You should not be introducing your furbaby to your baby as they don’t understand how to handle things around and may end up with wounds on your baby. So firstly you have to socialize your furbaby. Start off taking your dog to a park and make it look around the kids playing and push him to the kids and ask them to play gently with the Fido. This will help furbaby free from fear with the kids and it will understand the play.

2) Introduce your baby
Never let your baby get into direct greeting with the Fido, do it in a sequence. First when you are bringing your child from the hospital, let your partner greet the Fido first and relax the Fido. Once it is in the normal state slowly bring the baby in your arms and allow the dog to smell the baby’s toes. Once the dog checks the smell, it’ll be welcoming the baby and knows that your baby is one among now. And now the dog will no longer be very interested and very excited towards baby which keeps the baby safe from the dog.

3) Let the dog get accustomed to baby sounds and Routines
When your dog watches your baby making sounds and knows the smells of your baby, there is a less possible chance that the dog doesn’t get anxious about the new things happening in side the house. To make sure the dog gets habituated to the new born baby, take her along with you and your baby when you go out for a walk. You can also make your furbaby stay watching you when you are changing the diapers for your baby. It’ll know and understand the smells and the habits around the baby and follow the nodes without hurting the baby.

4) Never leave your baby with the Dog
This is the most important rule of all. Never leave your baby alone with the dog. Though your dog is well trained not to do things which hurt the baby. Even the dog when does some activity with love and joy with the baby which might hurt the baby more than you could imagine. Though the dog does it unintentionally this might cause you a great loss if you are negligent about it. The new smells and routine of the baby may also irritate the dog in the beginning stages, So never leave your baby alone with the dog.

5) Avoid Rivalry
The biggest problem with the furbabies is that when the new born babies are brought to the home dogs get jealous of the new borns and become dull and get more irritated particularly if you ar neglecting them and showing so much of love to your new born babies. Avoid this completely and spare some time like you did before and play with them. This keeps the dogs active and also will be able to accept your baby and play with them.

6) Understand the mood swings of your dog
Dogs often get stressed out and they can be very scary at times if left alone most of the time. To avoid this keep your dog exercising or give them some activity all the time leaving them active and happy all the time. And if the dog is always trying to avoid the baby don’t force the dog to accept the baby and do not get the baby towards the dog until the dog becomes normal and is ready to accept the baby. If you find your dog stressed more, play with him keep them joyful and this is an immediate solution to destress your dog.

7) Create their own space
Not just your baby, even the dogs love to sit in their own space, if you are not allowing them to play around their own space then you are definitely welcoming trouble. Not knowing where to sit and sleep your dog loses discipline and confused not able to understand which place belongs to them. Also this may lead to much discomfort to you most of the times. If you are keeping your baby needs at a corner and not knowing your dog plays in that area, you might not be able to bear the loss occurred with such situations. So always provide space for your dog inside or outside wherever possible but not definitely near the baby until the baby as grown up well to scream in danger.

So always follow these 7 tips and strategies to keep both your loved ones, the Fido and your baby safe, loved and cared. We suggested these based on many observations and public recommendations as well as the specialists who understand the Dog behavior. We hope that this helps alot to you making you understand the advantages and disadvantages of Fidos and ways to build up a strong relationship between your baby and your furbaby. So follow these things all the time when you want to raise your child with a fur friend.