What are the Health Benefits of Eating Oranges?

Orange is a citrus fruit that is a cross between pomelo and mandarin. This fruit is grown and found all over the world, but it is more easily available in colder countries. Cooler temperatures result in a better quality of the fruit. Oranges are a versatile fruit that can be used in various recipes and are loved by most people due to the same. The nutritional value of orange is very high as it contains good quantities of vitamin C, dietary fibre, folate, antioxidants, flavonoids, and moderate quantities of vitamin B and potassium. The most charming characteristic about this fruit is that it contains minimal level of calories and an extremely high concentration of vitamin C, both of which are extremely effective in boosting overall health and immunity.

Here are the major health benefits that are provided by orange:

1. Protects your heart:

Oranges contain a high concentration of dietary fibre and vitamin C, which prevents the oxidation of cholesterol. Hence, it prevents the deposition of LDL cholesterols and promotes the growth of HDL cholesterols. The lack of deposit of bad cholesterols and consequent reduction in the growth of blockages in the arteries leads to an improved cardiac health and spares you from coronary heart diseases.

2. Improves vision:

Citrus fruits are well known to prevent degenerative diseases in the eyes and maintain a good ophthalmological health. The nutritional value of oranges; especially vitamin C; are exceptionally great for promoting better vision and stronger optic nerve. Consume at least one orange per day for preventing macular degeneration and other infections.

3. Protects your skin:

Vitamin C is said to have lasting positive effects on your skin. This fruit has a very high concentration of vitamin C that can prevent your skin from being damaged by the harmful rays of the sun and can revive the skin cells regularly. The production of collagen, which is aided by vitamin C, is also useful for restoring the smooth texture of your skin. Researchers say that consuming one orange per day can provide a whopping 130% of your nutritional vitamin C requirements!

4. Controls blood sugar:

Oranges contain concentrated vitamin C and dietary fibre. Both these ingredients are known to prevent the increase in the level of glucose in your blood. Consuming a couple of oranges per day can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by up to 17%.

5. Prevents cancer:

Orange contains a high concentration of antioxidants, which are effective in preventing the carcinogenic cells from growing and spreading throughout the body. Vitamin C fights the free radicals and oxidative stress, especially in the breasts, liver, digestive tract, and prostate. One orange per day is enough to reduce the cancer-prone cells in your system.

6. Improves digestion:

Oranges are one of the healthiest fruits as it contains a high concentration of fibre and vitamin C. Both of these are the core ingredients that help in proper digestion and prevent internal inflammatory diseases. Fibre is known to boost peristaltic motion, which boosts your digestive capacity and aids bowel movement. A cleaner bowel can increase metabolism and result in better weight management too! Eat an orange daily, for the best possible results.

7. Controls blood pressure:

The American Heart Association has declared that consuming oranges daily prevents ischemic stroke among women by nearly 20%. This is because vitamin C and dietary fibre, which are the two major ingredients in this fruit, control the sodium and prevent it from spiking to an abnormally high level. Moreover, potassium acts as a vasodilator that prevents the rise in blood pressure, and thereby helps in avoiding strokes and cardiac arrests.

8. Protects the kidneys:

As oranges contain astounding levels of vitamin C, dietary fibre, and antioxidants, they help in protecting your kidneys by preventing them from damage caused by excess sodium and blood pressure. Vitamin C in particular, has the ability to keep the kidneys functioning well by flushing out unwanted toxins. A healthy excretory system can boost your overall health conditions too. A couple of oranges eaten on a regular basis can improve the functioning of your kidneys by nearly 37%!

Oranges are one of the healthiest fruits that are recommended by doctors, apart from apples. Although there is no popular saying, but an orange a day can also keep the doctor away! Since this fruit is a flexible one, it can be consumed in numerous ways; namely in smoothies, fruit punches, mocktails, fruit salads, cakes, cookies, jams, biscuits, and custard. The best way to consume oranges is to peel them and eat them raw. Orange peels are also extremely nutritious; hence they can be stored and used in cakes or tarts. Who would have known that the awesomeness of oranges can be beneficial to millions of lives? Carry on with your experimental recipes with this wonder fruit and keep your health intact!

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