20 Amazing Health Benefits Of Clove Oil

There are plenty of the herbs and spices around us and we barely look at them with interest not knowing how good they can be to the human health. Cloves are one such spicy buds which are highly grown in the tropical areas. This amazing bud comes with an amazing flavor and aroma.

The oils extracted from these buds should go under a process which primarily are handpicked and dried. These are then sent for extracting oils and surprisingly compared to the wet ones the oils extracted from the dried buds contain compounds which are very good in treating illness in the human body. Lets now get into the detail.

How to Make Clove Oil?

Required Ingredients:

  1. Pick the right Cloves. Everybody knows that cloves are needed to extract oils. But few knew that only the right buds can give you the perfect clove oil.
  2. Extra Virgin Oil. I know about that question popped up in your head right now. Yes what you imagined was right! we mix this virgin oil with the clove oil as Virgin oil acts as a very good carrier which can extract the whole properties from the cloves.
  3. Pick a Jar of your choice depending on your requirement. Once these are ready you can now start preparing it. Follow these steps to know the procedure for clove essential oil.


Step 1: Place the cloves collected in the glass jar you picked. If you are using a jar, then you need to fill the jar with at least one fourth of its space or five to ten cloves.

Step 2: The next step is to fill the jar with the olive oil till the cloves inside the jar sink in the oil.

Step 3: Seal the jar airtight and shake well to make sure the cloves and the oil are well mixed.

Step 4: Let the solution stay for at least 10 days.

Step 5: Remove the cloves if required after the solutions becomes concentrated. Use the filter or a mesh to remove the cloves.

That’s It!

Till now, you have seen and understood how to make this Clove essential oil.

Now, Let us go to the important part –  its health benefits.

Health Benefits of Clove Oil

Following 20 are the amazing health benefits of clove oil.

1. For Infections:

As a result of its antiseptic properties, Clove oil is helpful for wound, cuts, scabies, athlete’s foot, flora infections, bruises, rash, scabies, and alternative sorts of injuries. Of course! there may be many effective ways to fight infections.

2. Dental Care:

As mentioned earlier, the foremost outstanding use of volatile oil is in tending. The antiseptic properties of the oil build it terribly effective for relieving dental pain, toothache, sore gums and mouth ulcers. It contains the compound eugenol, that has been utilized in dental medicine for several years. Gargling with diluted volatile oil helps in easing throat pain and irritation.

3. Skin Care:

Volatile oil is usually suggested for skin care, particularly for skin disorder patients. the results area unit best achieved once the oil is employed in liquid kind and unfold on a clean, dry rag. you’ll realize it in several product for alteration the results of aging, like wrinkles, drooping skin, and facial rejuvenation for the eyes owing to its rejuvenating and stimulating properties, which may increase blood flow to unhealthy skin and build it look young again!

4. Immune System:

Each clove is helpful for enhancing the system. Its antiviral properties and talent to purify blood will increase resistance to a mess of diseases, as a result of the antioxidants in clove volatile oil scavenge the body of dangerous free radicals that cause a mess of diseases like heart condition and bound sorts of cancer.

5. Relieves Stress:

Clove oil is aphrodisiac in nature and thus is a superb stress reliever. Is has an interesting result on the mind and removes exhaustion and fatigue.

6. Get Relief From Headache:

Clove oil, once mixed with salt and applied on the forehead, provides a cooling result and helps in obtaining relief from headaches. Clove oil has several flavonoids at intervals it, that are medication agents.

7. Respiratory Problems:

Clove oil contains a cooling and anti inflammatory result, and is often wont to clear the nasal passage. This medicine may be a helpful treatment for varied metabolic process disorders together with coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, and TB. chew a clove bud is historically suggested to appease sore throats.

8. Sty:

Clove oil is terribly an effective home remedy for treating sty. Sty is associate degree inflammation on the lash and clove oil has conjointly been shown to be preventative of alternative eye infections as a result of its medication qualities.

9. Earache:

A combination of Warm Clove oil and oil may be a sensible remedy for earaches.

10. Indigestion:

Clove oil has historically been effective for the treatment of stomach-related issues like hiccups, upset stomach, nausea, and flatulence. Therefore, clove is one among the foremost vital spices extra to several Indian dishes.

11. Nausea:

Clove oil is useful in reducing nausea and expulsion and is usually used for pregnancy-related sickness and discomfort. exploitation it often in aromatherapy or locally applying it to pillows in the dark for semi permanent inhalation may result in these positive effects.

12. Blood Circulation:

Clove oil will increase your body’s metabolism by increasing blood circulation and reducing blood heat. A rise in blood circulation generally means that a discount in tension of the blood vessels, a tangle unremarkably related to tension headaches.

13. Blood Purification:

Volatile oil conjointly helps in purifying the blood; studies have shown that the aroma extracts will truly scale back toxicity within the blood and stimulate inhibitor activity throughout the body, thereby boosting the system yet as purifying platelets.

14. Premature Ejaculation:

analysis has indicated that clove is helpful for treating ejaculation. However, any analysis must be dispensed to verify these results.

15. Cholera:

it’s believed that volatile oil is helpful for treating epidemic cholera.

16. Diabetes:

In conjunction with blood purification, Clove oil helps management the amount of glucose, creating it terribly helpful to patients stricken by polygenic disorder.

It is always good to control your diabetes with healthy diet plans.

17. Insect Repellent:

Clove oil is usually used as an element in bug repellent and insect-repelling candles as a result of the vapor is incredibly potent for the sense modality senses of the many insects. historically, many drops of volatile oil were placed on the bedsheets in the dark to stay bugs away.

18. Cosmetics:

Clove oil is usually extra in cosmetic creams and lotions, and it’s unremarkably called a decent massage oil that has relief from pain and stress.

19. Nausea and Vomiting:

Reduces the nausea and vomiting sensation when applied on pillows or using it as a diffuser.

20. Controls Acne:

The Clove oil controls acne for all the ages helping the skin relieve from the infections and skin problems. Read more about how to get rid of acne using Coconut Oil.

Tips, Limitations and Side Effects Of Clove Oil:

Fortunately this Essential oil doesn’t have much side effects. This amazing oils rather have very good benefits than the negatives. But I suggest the users to be cautious and better consult the physician who can suggest the amounts suitable to your body. Also the following give you some info on the cautions,

  • Avoid children from using the cloves and the oils.
  • Avoid using this oil if you are about to go for any kind of surgery, because the eugenol contained in the cloves lowers the blood clotting process.
  • Avoid this during the pregnancy or breastfeeding, as it’s not proven that it is safe to take this oil in these conditions.
  • Excess usage of this oil can lead to pain in the mouth, vomiting sensations, difficulty in breathing, sore throat, problem with the kidneys and damage to the liver. So avoid using the clove essential oil excessively.
  • Avoid applying the clove oil on the broken skin or skin with issues. This may worsen the wound condition leading to further damage of the existing condition. So do not use this oil to any skin damaged areas.

Follow these tips to make sure that this oil doesn’t disturb your routine making you feel uncomfortable during the usage.

Finally I would say that this, the clove essential oil has these all fantastic uses for your body. So if you want to get these amazing benefits you have to try using this oil starting from today. You can start using it as a diffuser, as a cleaner, as a toothpaste and also use it on the gums where ever the pain occurs. Also adding some cloves to the daily regime can increase the antioxidant levels. Overall, this can be of great help to your body once you get to know all the benefits.

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