Health Benefits of Organic Food

If you want to speak about Food then the first thought which occurs to your mind is Organic or conventional. Yes you thought it right. Organic foods are free from chemicals and processing and most of the people believe that organic foods are way better than the conventional foods. However this belief is not proven yet by the scientists and they don’t have enough data to prove the difference between the Organic Foods and the regular foods available over the counter stores in all the countries. Before talking about the organic foods lets first talk about the regular foods which we have been consuming before half a decade. So all the conventional foods are produced and stored in many storage systems for long and also they come with added preservatives which are highly fat oriented. So people started thinking about these foods and what they could do to their health if consumed continuously for long. So instead people started believing a theoretically that what if we start consuming foods which are low in these preservatives and are good for the health. Here comes the organic Food as an alternative to the Conventional and the regular foods.

Scientific research conducted thus far on various organic food items has not been able to give strong evidence about the superiority of organic food over non-organic food. This is more so because bulk of the scientific research is based on funding provided by the governments and industry. As a result, even the FDA and the USDA clearly mention that non-organic food is as healthy as organic food. However, there are some scientific studies that have proved organic milk and organic tomatoes to be better than the non-organic varieties. Studies are also ongoing about a variety of other types of organic food that may have additional health benefits compared to the non-organic varieties.

Organic Milk

Recent research on the organic milk done by the group of researchers at Danish institute of Agricultural Research said that organic milk is packed with Omega-3 Fatty acids and Vitamins which are seen in very low quantities in the non-organic milk. So this is a Solid evidence that organic milk is healthier than the non-organic milk and why this happens is the traditional cows are pasture grazed and the results are quite impressive. The milk produced is of higher quality than the other one.

Organic Tomatoes

Tomatoes produced in an environment that has the supply of nutrients in a low number and zero fertilizer added are more healthier and are packed with rich antioxidants than the other sided tomatoes. These are the results which were proven by the 10-year study conducted by the University of California, Davis. an excessive formation of antioxidants, such as quercetin (79% higher) and kaempferol (97% higher) in organic tomatoes. As we all know, antioxidants are good for health and help in reducing heart disease and the chances of developing cancer.

These studies have inflated the hopes of various folks that powerfully believe that humanity ought to stop using the chemical fertilizers and pesticides and shift to additional property organic farming practices. There are also several studies that prove that there’s some chemical contamination in non-organic food, and there are others that claim that organic food isn’t healthy as a result of they contain harmful microorganism and viruses attributable to not so healthy foods and can’t guard against these cytotoxic substances. However, none of those studies that show chemical contamination or the presence of bacteria/viruses show any direct impact on the health of people.

Lets see the health benefits of the Organic Foods

Antioxidant capability

A number of studies are completed concerning the consequences of antioxidants derived from organic foods on your overall health, and also the predominant results have shown that antioxidants tend to possess a lot of effect after they come back from organic foods. this might ensue to the very fact that foreign chemicals aren’t negatively interacting with the various vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds that measure therefore essential for the positive impact of fruits and vegetables within the bar of things like cancer, heart condition, premature aging, vision issues, and psychological feature malfunction. Recent analysis suggests that selecting organic food will cause raised intake of nutritionally fascinating antioxidants and reduced exposure to cytotoxic significant metals.

Pesticide Reduction

One of the main complaints that organic food shoppers cite once selecting organic over non-organic is that the presence of pesticides. so as to stay crops from being attacked by the crop disturbing agents, together with bugs, pesticides right measures are needed. though they are doing a decent job keeping sure pests faraway from the crops, they are composed of powerful chemicals like organophosphorus. this can be Associate in Nursing unnatural mineral compound that’s not needed by humans, however over eightieth of this material in our bodies comes from intake pesticide-coated foods. Organophosphorus has been connected to variety of organic process issues, together with syndrome and syndrome, therefore those organic food lovers do have a reasonably robust argument during this case. To be fair, many folks do value more highly to go organic to form certain that their youngsters age healthy and unaffected by the toxins of the globe throughout their organic process years.

Heart Health

Increased quantity of your time grazing on grass conjointly will increase the amounts of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which will be found within the animal product. CLA could be a wholesome carboxylic acid which will boost vas protection, and it’s found in higher quantities in breast milk and in meat for animals that are raised free.

Immune System

In recent decades, one among the most important aspect for farmers and food growers has been genetic modification. creating tomatoes sixfold larger may sound, a potential possibility for finding some world hunger problems, however there’s another aspect to that. Genetic modification remains in its early stages, that the long-run effects of it on human health aren’t understood similarly as we’d like. In animal testing genetically changed food showed a serious reduction in system strength, a rise in birth mortality, similarly as in bound sexual dysfunctions, cancers, and sensitivity to allergens. though there are some kickshaws concerning genetically changed food, organic food advocates purpose to the dearth of concrete details concerning the long-run effects.

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