What Are The Health Benefits of Radish?

Radish is a root plant that generally grows in every part of the world. The main parts of this plant that are consumed are the root vegetable, leaves, flowers, and the seeds. However, the root vegetable is the part of the plant that is most widely consumed by people. Radish is generally a juicy vegetable that is mildly sweet in taste, along with a pungency that is very much similar to that of mustard! This vegetable is generally used in salads, pickles, oriental curries, and certain types of Indian stuffed flat breads. Along with the traditional food-based usage of this vegetable, radish happens to be of great nutritional value, which must be kept in mind while consuming. Radish is extremely rich in minerals, flavonoids, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamins B complexes, dietary fibre; both soluble and insoluble, potassium, and iron. The ways in which radish boosts your health, by providing these benefits are:

Aids weight loss:

Radish is one vegetable that provides excellent help in digestion. Since it is high in fibre and low in glycemic index, which helps initiate good bowel movement, hence preventing unnecessary bloating. Apart from this, radish also maintains a high satiety level due to its fair concentration of minerals and hydrating elements, keeping you full for longer hours and thereby preventing frequent hunger pangs. All these factors add up to help you maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI).

Prevents constipation and piles:

The high concentration of dietary fibre and vitamin C in radish help prevent constipation and piles, by making sure that the food is digested well enough to smoothly pass through the digestive and excretory tracts. The insoluble dietary fibre acts as roughage that adds to bulk to the food particles passing though the intestines. Consume about 100 grams of raw radish to reduce constipation by nearly 20%!

Prevents urinary tract infections:

Radish contains vitamin B6 and minerals that are essentially diuretic and hence improve proper passage of urine and disposing of the toxins from your body. The juices released from this vegetable reduce the irritation and inflammation inside the urinary tract. They also help prevent the growth of infectious bacteria or harmful lumps. Researchers say, “eat a small sized raw radish daily to prevent UTIs by nearly 33%.”

Prevents jaundice:

Radish is a strong detox for your stomach and liver. The dietary fibre and water that are present in the vegetable helps in cleansing the internal organs of the digestive system. Radish purifies the blood and hence disposes of the toxins, especially bilirubin, from your body. The high level of iron present in this vegetable also helps prevent the depreciation of red blood cells that is a common occurrence among people who contract jaundice.

Boosts cardiovascular health:

Researchers at Harvard and Stanford, through the years, have been researching hoe flavonoids help improve the functioning of the human cardiovascular system. Flavonoids are found in high concentration in radish. Along with flavonoids, the minerals found in this vegetable, give a boost to your cardiac and circulatory health. Moreover, the fibre in radish also prevents the growth of the bad (LDL) cholesterols, and thereby helps in reducing cardiovascular complications.

Controls blood pressure:

Fibre, minerals, potassium, iron, and vitamins, all are responsible for an improved rate of blood flow and the maintenance of a proper range of blood pressure. The vitamins B and C help in proper flow of blood and iron boosts the development of red blood cells (RBCs) that enable a balance in the blood flow and hence control the pressure. Consume raw radish regularly for a reduced rate of stroke, heart attack, and nasal bleeding.

Protects kidneys:

Fibre, vitamins B complexes, vitamin C, and potassium are the key ingredients in maintaining healthy kidneys. All of these are present in radish! Kidneys play a vital role in maintaining a smooth process of excretion. As radish helps improve the overall functioning of the excretory system, it also boosts the functioning of your kidneys. Consume a bowl of radish curry with your rice or bread regularly, for preventing kidney infections or diseases by nearly 17%.

Improves respiratory functioning:

The high concentration of vitamin C in radish makes it an excellent anti-congestive agent. One helping of radish can fulfil about 15% of your daily vitamin C requirement. If you eat this vegetable on a regular basis, doctors say, it will improve your respiratory functioning by nearly 27%! This vegetable also acts as an anti-allergic agent for your throat, nose, and lungs.

Prevents cancer:

Radish contains a good amount of vitamin C and folic acid, along with the essential minerals and B complexes. All these ingredients in this vegetable help in reducing the growth and spreading of carcinogenic cells or free radicals. They also help kill the already present harmful cancer cells in your body. Eat one fresh stick of radish daily to prevent cancerous growths in the stomach, kidneys, intestines, colon, and oesophagus.

Improves skin:

Radish contains lots of water and minerals, apart from the essential multivitamins. The leaves of this vegetable as well as the juice retrieved from the root crop, both help improve skin conditions and texture. Many dermatologists recommend natural remedies comprising radish extracts, for preventing spotting, reducing sunburns, and keeping the skin hydrated as much as possible during dry summers.

For attaining the best possible results, doctors recommend a regular intake of this vegetable to improve your overall health conditions by providing a boost to your immunity system. The best way to try out radish on your fussy children is to prepare tangy pickles to eat with their bread. Go ahead and trick your loved ones into eating this healthy vegetable for staying fit!

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