How is Abacus good for your Child

Everything on this planet counts. We use a language which is understandable and easy to communicate all the time. From Languages to Sciences, Geography to mathematics we created tools and systems accessible to all across the world and we have been using the language to understand how everything works. We have been taught all of these in our childhood and so we are now capable of handling life in a better way possible. But, in this generation we are a bit confused aren’t we? With lot of technology in place, we often confuse on which type would be the best for our kids. Though there are new upgraded ones coming up for the kids to learn, many parents are clueless if their kids should be learning Abacus or not.

Abacus is a system developed to learn mathematics, counting, summation, deductions and divisions easily. Though this was started centuries ago, the first to be known was Chinese Abacus which is now a major reference to all the modern calculators and metric systems. This is one of the most widely used tool for calculations. After it started becoming popular in China and later spread to Japan, Malaysia, Korea and Taiwan. Over the decades, this tool has evolved in the design and today the tool has beads on wires around the wooden bamboo frame. This is a great tool for kids which enhances their brain and train them in math. Abacus gained worldwide popularity after it was used as a tool for improving kids brain activity.

Why should kids use Abacus
The world today is very competitive and where even children are subject to competition in studies. As parents we have the responsibility to enhance the kids talent with the resources available in the market. Also Children need to know how good they are in terms of skills and how good they can be knowing their capability. If this has to come into real, the children must be trained with Abacus which help them become all rounders and talented. This training gives children enough skills and confidence to face the competition in the group tiny or large whichever. Abacus training gives four benefits to the Kids. It builds Memory, confidence, memory and mastermind.

Before knowing the benefits of this Abacus, lets know how easily this instrument can be used. This instrument has beads and the child has to adjust them to calculate the numbers. this creates a photographic image in the child’s brain helping them to think looking at the instrument. After continuous training on this instrument the child will develop skill in his memory and will be able to work on the calculations without the instrument as they grow. Now let’s get to know the benefits of learning Abacus.

Benefits of Learning Abacus

1) Brain Sharpener
Abacus helps the child’s brain to work very efficiently making the math very easy for them and also make them analytically strong and kids actively participate in the events when they were given any kind of task which involves math. Also studies have proven that children who have practiced Abacus have a brain which is sharp and active.

2) Good for Brain Exercise
One should know that kids who like Mathematics can solve the problems easily. It is proved that children who do mathematics highly are able to solve the problems easily and also their little interest in the other subjects gave them good results. This is because mathematics is a very good exercise for the brain and by applying its formulae children think perfectly on how to solve it. If a child is solving the problems more than simply their brain is becoming more and more sharper.

3) Speed and Accuracy guaranteed
Children who are accustomed to mathematics and problem solving are more likely to fall in love with mathematics as it helps the child to develop speed and accuracy in problem solving without applying much of the techniques and rather using simple methods to solving the problem. And this is clearly an example to those who doesn’t use Abacus fear with the mathematics and problems solving, they run away from the mathematics.

4) Gets your kid to top in Academics
It is proven that kids who love to do math become all rounders in school. The ability to solve the mathematical problems in fact makes the children active as they tend to think mentally about everything. This will boost their confidence to study everything and get to the first level in everything. And so Abacus helps the kids to become the best not only in MAthematics but also in all the other areas which ultimately makes them top in school.

5) Logical Reasoning
Like said in the introduction part, Abacus learners perform way better than the non-Abacus learners. The Abacus not only helps the children to develop math skills like integers and decimals, they also perform superbly when asked to do fractions which requires high level of Logical thinking.

6) Allows more concentration
Abacus teaches the kids to concentrate more and soundly on whatever they are doing. This will help the kids to focus on a particular thing until that is complete and perfectly done.

7) Brain Functioning made perfect
Abacus instrument is a tricky instrument which forces the kid to use both the hands while solving the problem. When the right hand is used, the left brain works and the right brain is put to work when the left hand is used improving the overall functioning of the brain. The finger movement activates the brain sensors and receptors work well like a flash.

8) Photographic Memory
Children who learn Abacus develop a photographic memory which basically is remembering bits of information and using them all at once when needed to solve the problem.

Finally, we suggest all the parents to definitely use this great Abacus instrument to boost your kids memory and develop your child’s intellectual skills over the time. Remember this one step could make your child a great personality.

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