Is it still continuing-The Disinformation

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

A simple definition of well-informed in Merrian Websters dictionary of is:

  • having a lot of knowledge about current topics, a particular situation, etc.
  • based on fact

A simple definition disinformation in Merrian Websters dictionary of is:

  • false information that is given to people in order to make them believe something or to hide the truth.

Most of us like to be well-informed. It is almost impossible for a person to be well informed about a subject that they are casually interested in when President Obama and his administration control the information. It does not matter what the subject is.

The traditional mainstream media led by the New York Times picks up on the administration’s press releases. The traditional mainstream media then pretends to help us become well-informed citizens.

The problem is we are feed disinformation and have the truth hidden from view.

The First Amendment protects Americans. Students of an issue can see through the disinformation. These students of an issue attempt to inform themselves and others using by connecting facts from government reports to help people become well informed about the facts.

The use of these facts through the Internet is driving President Obama and his administration crazy. The administration is having trouble controlling the message.

President Obama is trying to control the media in many subtle ways

The New York Times, on Thursday December 9th, published a stunning example of disinformation.

I signed up for the New York Times Daily Briefing to stay “well informed” on multiple current events according to the New York Times.