Patient Education-Benefits of Partnership With Suppliers

Today’s healthcare consumer craves information. If they need a surgical procedure, they want to know everything about the underlying disease state and how surgery might help them manage it. As a provider, you want to be the primary source of accurate and timely medical information for your patients. But developing robust educational content for patients can be time-consuming and expensive.Luckily, reliable patient-centric educational content can be sourced through partnerships. For instance, medical device companies – aiming to increase disease state awareness and utilization of associated therapies – continuously invest in creating patient-centered educational content. By partnering with your suppliers on patient education materials, you can help your patients take a more active role in managing their care.

Here are a few benefits of leveraging educational materials from industry:

1. Medically-accurate content

Because device manufacturers employ experienced physicians, surgeons and other clinicians, they possess deep knowledge not only of the procedures in which their devices are used but also the underlying disease states these procedures treat. Therefore, they can ensure that the information you are providing is accurate and medically sound – which can take a large burden off providers.

2. Personnel cost savings

Creating accurate and original patient education content can be more than a full-time job. Most practices do not have the budget to employ a content creation team. Obtaining this content from industry is a cost-effective way for providers to make this content available to their patients.

3. A wide variety of content

Creating meaningful content, across a wide variety of disease states, requires a large investment in time and resources – even for large hospitals or health systems. Your industry partners already devote resources to this task. They can provide practices with a breadth of patient education materials that would otherwise tax precious provider resources.

In short, partnering with industry to educate patients and drive disease state awareness can be a win-win for you and for your patients.

James Boye-Doe is a senior healthcare marketing leader and growth strategist, with over 15 years of experience in marketing and technology leadership roles with category-leading organizations in the healthcare, SaaS and data networking industries. Currently serving as Director, Head of US Therapy Marketing for the Minimally Invasive Therapies Group (MITG) of Medtronic, he is responsible for leading the charge to establish specialty growth platforms that increase access to care, improve patient outcomes and drive increased therapy utilization in focus disease states.